An NLP analysis of presidential debates from Kennedy-Nixon to Biden-Trump

Photo by Shelagh Murphy on Unsplash

As many of us (hopefully) have cast our vote either by mail or early-voting, there may still be a few who have not made up their minds by Nov 3. In the spirit of democracy, I hope this article reaches you before you are at the polls. Inspired by the impending election day, I decided to flip through some of the old presidential debates. Nostalgia might be a key topic for 2020, as people start to realize all the things that were not appreciated in the pre-pandemic world. …

My first deep dive into text data using natural language processing

During the early period of the COVID-19 outbreak in December, my wife and I were in a cozy cocoon awaiting the birth of our son. After his birth, it was clear that the outbreak of COVID-19 was taking hold of the world. I got to thinking more about my own birth at the end of 1985, a few months before the Chernobyl disaster in April of 1986. It seems like in an ever evolving world, new life and new challenges will always go hand in hand. …

Using text summaries from the CORD-19 data to view the coronavirus pandemics across eras

Almost a year into the pandemic, COVID-19 is now notorious, and knowledge about the virus is continually growing and developing. Skulking around with COVID-19, is a growing infodemic. Only now are we exploring the impact of the proliferation of overwhelming amounts of information and misinformation. The most infamous example may be hydroxychloroquine , a drug used to treat rheumatic diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, which in March of this year was also touted as a drug that could prevent and treat COVID-19. Politicians, desperate for good news (though perhaps fake) , called the drug “one of the biggest game…

Digging through the CORD-19 dataset using NLP

Many of us trapped in our increasingly disheveled home offices realize the difficulty in sifting through information. Trying to find urgent pieces of key information in an avalanche of notes, scrap pages, and office documents can feel tedious. Much like surviving an actual avalanche two choices are clear: move to the side or find something sturdy to grab and hold yourself up.

Photo by Will Turner on Unsplash

Epidemiologists, health care workers and public health experts find themselves in a similarly extreme situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they face a growing wave of scientific papers. Open source and machine readable datasets - like the CORD-19…

Rishi Patel, PhD

Particle Physicist, NLP data scientist

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